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I attended the event/banquet last night and I love the idea of helping our veterans enjoy life through hunting, fishing, and becoming more active. The event had a great attendance. One of the things that amazed me and my friend was the honoring the Vietnam Veterans by having the four of us being object of a receiving line where EVERY other attendee went through and shook our hand and welcomed us home. It brought me to tears to be part of this and I really appreciate the sentiments they offered to us Vietnam Veterans at this event. Dana and I could not get over this and continued to be amazed throughout the evening. THANK YOU FOR RECOGNIZING US VETERANS.  

John B.

 I couldn’t have asked for a better day out in the field with a great group of not only Veterans but some amazing supporters from Central States Mfg. and a special thanks to Mike and his crew at Ringneck Lodge for the great hunt and the great hospitality!!! I am humbled and blessed that I was given this opportunity to join in this year. Thanks a million, Warriors Never Give Up for the amazing opportunity!!! You have a great organization and I hope to help you grow in the future!!

Justin Sisson

Thanks again for the invitation to join you on your pheasant hunt on Saturday.  It was an amazing time.  It’s great to support an organization that puts so much effort into the Veterans in our own backyard.  It was an awesome experience to spend time with some local Veterans while also hunting in the best weather we can ask for.  The facility was perfect, you could not ask for a better lodge or a better group of guys to guide us. Your passion is clear to what Warriors Never Give Up means to you as well as what it means to the Veterans. 


Let us know if there is anything we can do and we look forward to continuing supporting your cause.

Andrew Hofkamp

What a fantastic time with a great group of men. Thank you so much for the memories and my God bless you!  “one team – one fight”

Troy Risdal, SSG

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