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Winner Name

Thank you for supporting Warriors Never Give Up and participating in our skills competition!


  1. Warriors Never Give Up (WNGU) is a local, 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers fishing and hunting programs to combat deployed and service-connected disabled Veterans. Our mission is healing heroes through outdoor adventures.


  1. Each participant can purchase a target with a $10 cash donation. Targets must be purchased and used at the Alliance.


  1. Rules

    1. Participants must use their own ammunition.

    2. There are two classes.

      • 9mm/38 special and larger

      • Smaller than 9mm

    3. Participants are on their honor to place the target at 15 yards.

    4. Participants are on their honor to shoot free standing without use of magnification. The use of magnification, sandbags, foam blocks for support, sitting or leaning on a counter or sidewall will disqualify the participant and no refunds will be issued.

    5. Participants will shoot 10 rounds and return their used target to the gun range counter with the following information completed (all information is optional and used for recognition and notify winners).



Phone Number: ___________________________________


Gender: __________________________________________


Ammo Caliber:_____________________________________


  1. If a participant shoots more than 10 rounds on a target, the 10 lowest points will be used to determine score.

  2. There is no limit to number of targets a participant may purchase.


  1. A Warriors Never Give Up Board Member will collect the used targets and verify score. Look for your name on the leader board on our website and Facebook page!


  1. Top score will receive a $50 Scheels Gift Card!

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